Competition Entry 2023

Stirring a porridge pot Golden Spurtle

List of Entrants

We welcome the class of 23. Below are our competitors that will battle it out to be WORLD CHAMPION!

Adam Kiani, Pakistan
Adam Miller, Scotland
Alison Taylor, Scotland
Amy Wilson, USA
Anna Kemper, Germany
Bobby Fisher, UK
Chris Ormiston, Scotland
Christine De Agostini, Zimbabwe
David Buchanan, Indonesia
Doug Mackay, Scotland
Duncan Chisholm, Scotland
Euan Grant, Scotland
Gillian Francis, England
Hester Longeran, UK
Ian Bishop, Scotland, World Champion 2008
James Dobbie, UK
James Leach, UK
Kellie Spooner, Northern Ireland
Lisa Williams, UK, World Champion 2019, 2022
Lucy Huntley, UK
Miriam Groot, Netherlands, World Champion (Speciality) Virtual 2021
Natasha Delmar, Ukraine
Nick Barnard, England, World Champion (Speciality) 2013, 2019
Paula Bendiek, Germany
Pavlos Theodorou, Cyprus
Ruth Groombridge, Zimbabwe
Simon Rookyard, Wales, World Champion 2015
Stephanie Yuill, Canada
Toby Wilson, Australia
Tracy Griffen, Leith

Know your Golden Spurtle History

Check out the list of past winners here

2023 Entry Timetable

Entries for the 30th World Porridge Making Championships opened Monday 20th March 2023 and closed Wednesday 21st June.  We received 60 entries from 20 different countries around the world! Watch this space and our social media channels for the competitor line up for 2023. 


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