2021 Competition, Entry, Rules and Judging

The ongoing virus situation we have decided to continue with the highly successful Virtual Golden Spurtle® Competition. Instead of our normal competition we have again teamed up with our sponsors, HAMLYNS, to create an on-line SPECIALITY Contest.

For this year we will ask competitors to send us a short video of them preparing their speciality recipe.
This should be between 3 and 5 minutes long and should show the ingredients and the finished product. Other than that, the format is entirely up to you.

Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned film maker. Mobile phone footage will do just fine. Let your imagination run away with you. The Golden Spurtle ® team (aka the ‘Porridge Committee’) will look at the entries and put the best of them on the web and Facebook on World Porridge Day (10th October). These contestants will be awarded the title of Virtual Spurtler 2021 and will receive a Hamlyns Perfect Porridge Pack.

See the ‘rules’ section below for more information.

Sadly, the SILVER SPURTLE® competition has again been cancelled in its entirety for this year. However Youth porridge makers over the age of 16 may enter the on line contest.

Thanks to everyone for showing interest.



Within the constraints we have, we are looking for the best speciality porridge made with oatmeal [pinhead, course, medium or fine] which can have other ingredients added. No pre-cooking of any ingredients (other than the soaking of oatmeal) is allowed.

The blending and harmony of the porridge with the other ingredients will be the criterion used. Recipes for the speciality porridge are to be submitted with entry forms by close of entries i.e. 30th June. You can enter here  

Minor changes to the ingredients are allowed if they are notified to the Committee with the finished video, which must be received by 15th August 2021.

Deliver your Video and Still Photos of you and your finished creation and your written recipe to [email protected]


All videos received before the 15th August will be seen by the Porridge Organising Committee and the best videos will be published on our social media platforms and this website together with your photograph and the written recipe.