Speciality Winner 2022 – Chris Young

Treasure Oats 2023 Speciality Winner

Smokey fish and cheesy oats

1 cup coarse and medium oatmeal
4.5 cups of water
25g of butter
200g grated Comté cheese
300g smoked coley (sustainable and local)
100g spinach (frozen, thawed and drained)
2 tbsps. crème fraiche
1.5 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
50mls whole milk
Pinch of nutmeg
salt and pepper
100g grated medium cheddar cheese
50g medium oatmeal
edible gold leaf


Start by soaking the oats in 4.5 cups of water overnight.

Add grated cheddar cheese and coarse oatmeal to a frying pan and fry until crisp but not
overcooked. Cool and add gold leaf and crumb so it resembles gold nuggets.

Cut the coley into 1cm small cubes and add to small saucepan, with the spinach, crème
fraiche, mustard, milk and nutmeg. Season with a small amount of salt and pepper. Cook for
5 mins, stir and leave to reast with the lid on.

Simmer the soaked oats and with the soaking water for 10 mins, adding extra water to
create your preferred consistency. Then add the butter, Comté cheese and season well with
salt and pepper.

Assemble by spooning cheesy porridge into the bottom of a bowl, spoon your smokey fish
on top, sprinkle with the golden oaty cheese.

Serve in a small treasure chest

Savoury and Sweet Porridge Noodles

Porridge Noodles

100gms Cornflour

100gms Oatflour

Pinch salt

1x100ml Hot water

1x100ml Cold water

1x150ml Cold water

1bowl of iced water

Bag to pipe or Pasta extruder.


Put a pot of water on to boil and turn it down to simmer just below boiling as we don’t want to break up the noodles.

Quickly mix in 100ml of hot water into cornflour then immediately add the cold water and mix.

Again straight away add the Oat-flour and the 150ml of cold water and mix to a paste.

Straight away before it gets time to get much thicker fill bag or extruder and pipe into water.

They will stay separated so dont worry but moving around the pan as you pipe.

Use a large pan as it’s easier to get them out.

They will only take about 20-30 seconds to cook and float at which time lift out carefully and put in iced water. This will stop the cooking process and they won’t become too soft.

That’s you ready to make sauce for the savoury which if you like can be done prior to making noodles so the flavour has more time to fuse.


Porridge Noodles with Seared Scallops and Chinese Sauce


25gms butter

3 King Scallops preferably with orange roe.

2 chopped cloves of garlic

1spring onion finely chopped.

Small bunch of coriander roughly chopped.


1 small chilli very finely sliced

1 finely sliced garlic clove

1spring onion very finely sliced.

Mix these three up to sprinkle over the final dish before serving.

For the Sauce

1tspn chilli oil

1tbspnHoisin sauce

2tbspn light soy sauce

1tbspn Dark soy sauce

2tspn gran sugar

1tspn sesame oil

1 small red chilli finely sliced

2 garlic cloves finely sliced

1spring onion finely sliced

1thumbnail size piece of ginger(unless ur a giant then 1 average size thumb)

Mix this all together until sugar dissolves and set aside to fuse.


Put butter in a hot thick bottomed pan and sear Scallops turning gently as not to break up .This will take 2-3 min and they should be a lovely golden brown but not crispy.

Add Noodles,just enough for a starter size and add sauce .shake pan to coat noodles and Scallops for 10 to 20seconds.

Lift out noodles first onto serving dish or shell as I will be using leaving sauce to reduce a little. Place a Scallop on top of each dish of noodles and coat with sauce and garnish with garnish mix and a little more coriander if you like and serve.


Honey Glazed Porridge Noodles and Figs


Half a fig per person cut in2

3 dessert spoons of thick creamy yoghurt fused with orange zest.

A drop of whisky to flame (optional).

1tbspn brown sugar

2tbspns honey (runny,I prefer runny honey.I have used it all my life .It makes the peas taste funny.But it keeps them on my knife.)

2tbspn orange juice.

A dozen or so pistachios out of shell.

2oz butter


Heat pan and place butter in with figs on face down to colour a little.

Add sugar , honey then slightly caramelise for a few minutes then pour in whisky and light. Add noodles and swill around the pan coating everything.

Remove noodles to serving plate .place a small neat dollop of yoghurt on the noodles but don’t hide them.

Put pistachios in pan for a few second whilst removing and placing figs on the yoghurt.

Add a little of the orange juice if u need to make a little more sauce for pouring then coat the dish and serve.

I have devised these 2 dishes to be served at the same time so you can eat both as you go for a starter

Little bit of Savoury then a nibble of sweet which will make this dish much more enjoyable .