2020 Third Joint Place – Lewis Macleod – PINA COLADA PORRIDGE


Whole Sottish porridge oats (soaked in water overnight)

Coconut drink

Sea salt and sugar to taste

Pineapple gel:

200ml pineapple juice

18g sugar

2g Agar Agar

Dissolve sugar in pineapple juice and bring to boil; add Agar Agar and boil for 2 minutes. Set in

fridge and blend to gel.


Slices of fresh pineapple

Salt and sugar to season

Ghee for frying


Caramelise pineapple in ghee and flambe with rum.

Coconut foam:

Coconut milk

Maple syrup

Virgin coconut oil

Combine ingredients and create espuma.

To finish:

Toasted coconut chips

Rum to taste

Sprig of seasonal herb or flower