Alaskan Birch Syrup Special

  • Maria Soep

Maria Soep, Roineabhal Country House, Argyll . World Porridge Making Champion 2007
Ingredients: 180g organic pinhead oatmeal. 800ml water.  Pinch of salt. Double cream. Roasted and chopped hazelnuts. Alaskan Birch syrup (or maple syrup).

Method: I normally don’t soak my oatmeal but in a double boiler add the oatmeal, water and pinch of salt – this can be left to simmer for 1 hour.  (I prefer my porridge a little nutty which is the effect you get without soaking.) Once cooked, pour in the double cream, dribble in the birch syrup, a small handful of hazelnuts and a tad of malt whisky.