Nordic Porridge Caramel Sweet & Sour

  • Per Carlson
Nordic Porridge Caramel Sweet & Sour

Photo by James Ross

Recipe by Per Carlson – 2017 Speciality Winner


  • Traditional steel-cut oatmeal (oats, water & salt)
  • Add-ons to base:
    • Cloudberry liqueur
    • Grind-ed orange-peel
    • Whipped cream
  • Toppings:
    • Cloudberries flambée
    • Whipped cream

First the porridge is cooked the original way. 

The add-ons are then added. Before serving, 

The porridge gets caramelized by adding brown sugar that gasburns for some seconds. 

Serving: The porridge caramel is served with it’s toppings in separate small bowls