Oatmeal Bangers and Porridge Mash

  • Anna Louise Batchelor

Anna Louise Batchelor

Oatmeal Bangers
Oatmeal Bangers and Porridge Mash50g medium Mornflake Oatmeal
500g organic Berkshire breed pork (belly and shoulder)
5g finer flake Halen Mon organic sea salt
2.5g black peppercorns
3.5g fennel seeds
5g demerara sugar
1g all spice.
1 cup of apple puree (made from cooking and eating apples)
1 tablespoon of cider vinegar
Organic hog casings (pre-soaked)
1 tablespoon of butter (for frying)

Porridge Mash
450g floury potatoes
1 1/4 teaspoon of finer flake Halen Mon organic sea salt (1 tsp for boiling potatoes, ¼ tsp for Oatmeal).
50g fine Mornflake Oatmeal
1 ¼ cups Speyside Glenlivet still water
42g grams Calon Wen organic butter

Onion Gravy
500ml of water retained from poaching the sausages
1 organic chicken stock cube
2 tablespoons of olive oil
500g shallots
½ teaspoon of finer flake Halen Mon organic sea salt
25g Calon Wen Organic butter
2 cloves of garlic
1 spring Rosemary
80 ml of red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of cornflour

Method Oatmeal Bangers

1. Making the sausages

Place the Mornflake medium oatmeal in a frying pan and dry fry over a high heat until toasted.
Set aside to cool.
Take the Berkshire breed pork joints and de-bone, removing sinew and excess fat.
Cut into chunks of a suitable size to go through a mincing machine.
Mince the pork.
Place the pork in a container and refrigerate whilst you prepare the spices.
In a pestle and mortar grind the peppercorns and fennel seeds. Add the salt, sugar, all spice and then set aside.
In a bowl blend the apple puree and cider vinegar and then set aside.
Remove pork from fridge, place in a large mixing bowl and then mix in the spices by hand. Then mix in the blended apple puree and cider vinegar.
Second mince the pork mix and replace in the fridge.
Take the organic hog casings and thread onto the stuffing nozzle of the mincer.
Remove pork mix from the fridge and feed through the mincer, this time stuffing the casings to make sausages.

2. Poaching the sausages

Fill a large saucepan with hot water of a temperature over 70c. Use a kitchen thermometer to ensure a constant temperature throughout the poaching. Gently place the sausages into the water ensuring that they are covered by the water. Leave to poach for 20 mins.

After 20 mins remove the saucepan from the heat but keep the sausages in the water allowing them to cool within the water for a few mins. This will prevent the casing from splitting. Remove the sausages from the water and place in a container and store in the fridge. Retain the poaching liquor add the stock cook and boil for 2 mins.Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 mins. Transfer the stock into a container. Allow to cool and then place in the fridge until it is required for making the onion gravy.

3. Frying the sausages

Put the buter into a large saucepan and place on a high heat.
Place the sausages into the pan and cook until browned, turning occasionally.

Onion Gravy

In a large saucepan heat the olive oil. Chop the onions and shallots finely and place into the hot oil sprinkling them with the salt. Add the butter and cook on a high heat until the onions and shallots are lightly browned. Reduce heat and cook for 45 mins until the onions are caramelised. Roughly chop the garlic. Finely chop the Rosemary and then add both to the frying pan, turning up the heat to cook into the onions for 5 mins. Reduce the heat and then cook for a further 15 mins . Add the stock from the poached sausages and cook into the onions for 15 mins. In a saucepan boil the red wine vinegar until it has reduced by half in volume. Add to the gravy, increasing the heat and cooking in for 5 mins.

Reduce heat and continue to cook for 30 mins. In a cup mix the cornflour with a little cold water to form a paste. Add this to the gravy cooking in to thicken. Keep hot until ready to serve.

Porridge Mash

Wash the potatoes and remove any blemishes but leave the skins on.
Cut into 1cm slices. Wash the slices to remove the starch.
Place into a saucepan of cold water, ensuring all the slices are covered. Add the salt.
Bring the potatoes to the boil and cook for approximately 8 minuets or until you can cut with a knife.

Drain immediately. Place the cooked, drained potatoes into a metal sieve. Place the sieve over the empty saucepan and replace this over a very low heat to dry the potatoes. Using a mouli grate the potatoes into a fine mash. Place the medium Mornflake Oatmeal and Speyside water in the top saucepan of the Porringer/bain marie.Heat over a very high temperature for 3mins.Add the salt and stir in thoroughly. Cook on a high heat for a further 3mins then reduce the heat to a simmer.Cook for a 3-5mins, until the meal forms a good thick consistency. Add the butter, melting and stirring thoroughly into the meal. Add the mashed potatoes and stir vigorously to ensure no lumps are formed.

Plate up the Oatmeal Bangers and Porridge Mash with a generous serving of the onion gravy and eat piping hot.