School House Mess – Eton Mess & Scottish Cranachan

  • Kate Clark

Recipe by Kate Clark

A crossover dish of Eton Mess and Scottish Cranachan


For the Cream
Greek Yogurt
Double Cream
Castor sugar
Vanilla seeds
Balvenie Whisky
Toasted Pinhead oats


For the meringues

Egg Whites
Icing and Castor Sugar
Toasted Pinhead Oats
Coloured Paste
For the caramel
Castor sugar
Toasted Pinhead Oats

Toast some pinhead oatmeal

Whisk egg whites with sugar, and colouring  add a small amount of toasted pinhead oats and pipe small dots on silicone paper/tray and bake in a slow oven (100c) until crisp on the outside. Leave to cool

Make caramel from water, butter and castor sugar and pour over toasted pinhead oats and leave to set

Whisk 2/3 double cream, icing sugar and Balvenie whisky to taste and then 1/3 Greek yogurt.  Marble with fresh raspberries

Lastly layer all ingredients in a Martini glass and present