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Issued at 15.00 hrs 18th March 2024 by the Golden Spurtle Organising Committee

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31st World Porridge Making Championships is open for entries.

Defending Porridge making Champions returning to retain World titles.

World Porridge Making Championships gears up for entries from around the world.

Entries for the 2024 World Porridge Making Championships, also known as the Golden Spurtle® open on the 19th March. Entrants have until 20th June to submit their applications, when 24 finalists will be selected via a draw.

Porridge fanatics from around the world will gather in the Highland village of Carrbridge on Saturday 5 October 2024 to battle it out for the title of World Porridge Making Champion and lift the mush sought after Golden Spurtle®.

Past competitors have come from all corners of the world including New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Africa and across Europe.

Heats and the final ‘Cook off’ takes place in Carrbridge Village Hall in front of spectators. The competition is also live streamed across Facebook. In 2023 a world-wide audience in excess of 77,000 watched as the finalist battled it, out spurtles in hand.

Both winners of the Traditional Dish made from oatmeal, salt and water and the Speciality Dish where competitors’ creativity can run wild are set to defend their titles.

Adam Kiani who scooped the 2023 Golden Spurtle trophy as a first-time entrant said: “My life has been bubbling away like never before since my first visit to Carrbridge in October last year. Porridge in all directions – it’s been brilliant! From regular porridge parties with the Spurtle’s class of 2023 London contingent, to baffling cooking cameos on daytime TV! My rich love of porridge has only gained more flavour since that weekend in Carrbridge, and I’m hoping I can stir some of it into the next batch when I return to defend my title!”


Bobby Fisher, also from London and winner of the Speciality Dish has a busy year ahead of him. Bobby said: “My partner and I have just had a baby, so I’ll have a lot less time and sleep preparing for the event. I hope to make up for lost time with some great ideas and cannot wait to ‘lock oats and spurtles’ with the other competitors.”


Alan Rankin from the organising committee said: “The World Porridge Making Championships has been a huge part of village life for over 30 years. It brings visitors from around the globe to Carrbridge. We are delighted to be opening entries and look forward to welcoming competitors, spectators and the world’s press back to our village.”

Thirty competitors will vie for the highly coveted title of World Porridge Making Champion and the Golden Spurtle trophy, which is awarded to the contestant deemed to have made the best traditional porridge using just three ingredients – oatmeal, water and salt.

Competitors can use pinhead, coarse, medium or fine oatmeal, and entries are judged on appearance, texture, colour and taste.

Alan Meikle from Hamlyns of Scotland said: “Hamlyns of Scotland is proud to continue our sponsorship of the World Porridge Making Championship. Year after year, we’re amazed by the passion showcased by competitors from all over the world. It’s an honour to support such a cherished event, where oats take centre stage and bring porridge lovers together. Let’s raise a spurtle to another fantastic championship!”

Competition is fierce for a place in the finals as anyone can enter. There are only two conditions: no more than two competitors from a single company or family will be accepted, and places are reserved for current champions and for winners of associated national championships. Other than that, any aspiring porridge fan, aspiring cook, or chef can enter.

Entries to the competition should be made via the event website:


For further information and images: Alan Rankin [email protected]  07785 722936


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The first Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships were held in Carrbridge in 1994. Read more about the history here:


The competition is limited to 30 competitors. Competitors come from around the world to win the coveted title of best porridge maker in the world.

The World Porridge Making Championships is organised by local volunteers and is sponsored by Hamlyns of Scotland, producers of Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal and Hamlyns Scottish Porridge Oats.

The World Porridge Making Championship® title and the Golden Spurtle® will be awarded to the competitor producing the best traditional porridge, made from oatmeal [pinhead, course, medium or fine].

The traditional porridge must be made with untreated oatmeal (not with oat flakes/rolled oats) and with only water and salt added. Any porridge made with oats other than oatmeal will be disqualified. Competitors, who prefer to ‘soak’ their oatmeal, may do so, but no prior cooking is allowed.

Each competitor is required to produce at least 2 pints or 1.1 Litres of porridge which is to be divided into 4 portions for the judges to taste. Presentation bowls will be provided for each competitor to enable them to present their 4 porridge portions anonymously.

Judging of the porridge will be made on the consistency, taste and colour of the porridge and on the competitor’s hygiene in the cooking process. Judges will enter the cooking area but the anonymity of the final traditional dishes is preserved by a secret numbering process.

The heat winners must be available to compete in the final cook-off (20 mins) and will be required to produce a second batch of 2 pints or 1.1 litre. of traditional porridge.

Competition rules:


Enter at: Competitor Entry – Golden Spurtle 2024 – Google Forms


Press release October 7th 2023 for immediate use.

New entrants sweep the boards at 30th Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship

First time competitor Adam Kiani representing Pakistan has been crowned World Porridge Making Champion after beating competitors from around the world at the 30th World Porridge Making Championship, which took place in the Highland village of Carrbridge today.

Adam was amongst 30 competitors competing for the highly-coveted title of World Porridge Making Champion and the Golden Spurtle trophy. The 2023 event had a truly international flavour attracting competitors from UK shores and as far afield as USA, Canada, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Pakistan, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Germany.

An overjoyed Adam said “I am delighted and humbled to win this great event, especially considering the high quality of the entrants and their creations. It’s been a really great day, and I am totally over the moon to be crowned a World Champion. This will take time to sink in.”

In addition to the main competition, the title of Speciality Porridge Champion is awarded to the creator of a sweet or savoury dish where oatmeal can be combined with any other ingredients.

The Speciality Dish was won by another first-time entrant Bobby Fisher from London. Bobby said “I am overjoyed with winning this award and hope my good friend Charlie who is local to Carrbridge is proud. We always joked about entering the World Porridge Championships and winning the Golden Spurtle. It’s t-oat-ally a dream come true.”

The title of World Porridge Making Champion is awarded to the contestant deemed to have made the best traditional porridge using just three ingredients – oatmeal, water and salt.

Entries are judged for appearance, texture, colour and taste. This year’s judges included former Gleneagles Executive Chef, Neil Mugg, American-Scot Christina Conte, and New Zealander Kirsten Gilmour, owner of KJ’s Bothy Bakery in Grantown on Spey.

Neil Mugg, Chair of the judges, said: “There was some broad variances in the traditional dish with an array of tastes, textures and consistency. The Specialty winner really thought if the box with an amazing presentation of his dish in miniature treasure chests. There were some really outstanding entries this year.

The competition is organised by volunteers from the Carrbridge Community. The events main sponsor is Hamlyns of Scotland, producers of Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal and Porridge Oats.

Charlie Miller the 2023 Porridge Chieftain of the World Porridge Making Championship said: “It has been wonderful to have porridge fans, their supporters and so many visitors attend the 30th edition of this great event. We are delighted the competition continues to attract new and inspirational contestants. What started all these years ago as very much as a small local event has grown to be a highlight of Scotland’s food and drink calendar. It’s truly wonderful to see competitors from around the world coming to Carrbridge with such enthusiasm for both the competition but also being here in Carrbridge.”

Alan Meikle, Managing Director of Hamlyns of Scotland said. “Many congratulations to the new world champion Adam on a great win in the face of such fierce competition, and to the speciality champion Bobby. It’s always a pleasure to see the innovative recipes from around the world. Today has been a wonderful celebration of 30 years of the World Porridge Making Championship, and we are proud to be the main sponsor of such a unique and special event.



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More information and hi res images contact Alan Rankin 07785 722936 [email protected]


Editors Notes


The first Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships were held in Carrbridge on Sunday 11 September, 1994. Read more about the history here: