Bucc ‘N’ Dulge

  • Lara Smith

Lara Smith – The Buccleuch Arms Hotel, Moffat.  Speciality Winner 2005

1.5 cups porridge soaked overnight. 1.5 cups water / 1 vanilla pod, (split lengthways).  Next day, cook
3 cups soaked porridge / 2 cups water / 3 pinches salt. 2 tablespoons caramelized condensed milk, which is achieved by pre-boiling for 4 hours. 1 tot butterscotch liqueur / 2 pieces vanilla tablet, crumbled
Pour into bowls.  Fold in a generous sprinkling of marshmallows. Serve immediately (steaming hot!) with fortiflaxo (oemga 3 fortified flaxo seeds) and double cream. NB.  This recipe works well with any porridge oats so the soaking may not apply to every brand.