Fruity Date Porridge – Speciality Winner 2013

  • Nick Barnard

2013 Winning Speciality Recipe – by Nick Barnard, Rude Health

Fruity Date Porridge

Nick Barnard’s Winning Speciality Dish – Photo: James Ross

Nick Barnard, joint founder and Managing Director of Rude Health was crowned ‘Speciality Champion’, for his recipe, Fruity Date Porridge, which used Scottish oat flakes and oatmeal, dried apricots, dates and apples, cinnamon, Hurdlebrook Guernsey milk and cream and Tiana coconut palm sugar.

“It’s the third time I have entered, and I’m absolutely delighted that it’s third time lucky,” said Nick. “Rude Health is all about making tasty, health food that sustains you. This recipe is both very delicious and very moreish, and I’m absolutely delighted that the judges enjoyed it so much.”


Chopped Dates
Chopped dried Apple
Chopped dried Apricots
The Oatmeal by Rude Health
Daily Oats by Rude Health
Coconut flower sugar
Raw Guernsey Cream


Make porridge with a mix of milk and water, adding apple powder, cinnamon powder, chopped dried apple, chopped dates and some chopped apricots. Simmer for as long as necessary.
When thick and creamy pour into a bowl, sprinkle on some coconut flower sugar, and enjoy with some raw Guernsey cream (on the side).