Treasure Oats Speciality Winner 2023

Treasure Oats

Treasure Oats 

Smokey fish and cheesy oats

Great for a dinner party starter, served in treasure chests (or just some ramekins).


Comté pepper porridge

1 cup Aberfeldy oatmeal – 1/3 pinhead 1/3 coarse 1/3 medium (soaked overnight in 2 cups of water)

1 cup of semi skimmed milk

70g grated Comté cheese

1/8 tspn fresh cracked Tellicherry black pepper

1/4 tspn rock salt

10g butter


Smoked fish topping

270g oak smoked coley

100g spinach (frozen, thawed and drained)

2 tbsp crème fraiche

1.5 tspn Pommery wholegrain mustard

40mls semi skimmed milk

Big pinch of freshly grated nutmeg

1/4 salt tspn and black pepper


Crispy gold oat cheese 

20g grated medium cheddar

8g medium oatmeal

Edible gold leaf



Mix the grated cheddar with the 8g oatmeal and add to a non stick frying pan. Flip and fry until golden but not overcooked. Cool then add gold leaf and cut with a knife into crumbs.

Cut the Coley into 1cm cubes and add to small saucepan with the spinach, crème fraiche, mustard, milk and nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper and stir together. Cook for 5 mins, stir once and leave to rest with the lid on.

Add 1 cup of milk to the soaked oats with the soaking water and simmer for 15 mins, adding extra water if needed to create a wet porridge consistency. Then add the Comté cheese and season well with the pepper and finish with the salt and butter.

Assemble by spooning cheesy porridge into the bottom of a ramekin, spoon your smokey fish on top, sprinkle with the golden oaty cheese. If possible serve in a small treasure chest surrounded by groats!