hero_22nd Annual Golden Spurtle™ World Porridge Making Championship

22nd Annual Golden Spurtle™
World Porridge Making Championship

The 22nd annual World Porridge Making Championships takes place in the Scottish Highland village of Carrbridge in Cairngorms National Park on Saturday 10th October 2015.The event draws competitors from around the globe to compete for the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and title of “World Porridge Making Champion.” It also celebrates the diversity of porridge through a speciality section. Check out some of our competitor’s previous recipes here.

Join us at Carrbridge Village Hall from 9.30am this Saturday!

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2014 World Porridge Making Championship Results

Dr Izhar Khan, 2014 Winner - Photo: Fergus Thom. Click for full resolution (free media use)

Dr Izhar Khan, 2014 Winner – Photo: Fergus Thom. Click for full resolution (free media use)

Saturday 4th October 2014

An NHS Aberdeen renal consultant  has won the prestigious 21st Golden Spurtle™ World Porridge Making Championships in the Highland village of Carrbridge in the Cairngorms.

Dr Izhar Khan, who was competing in the competition for the second time, is a firm believer in the health benefits of porridge and is keen to extol these benefits to his patients.

The delighted Dr  Khan said: “I achieved my aim to win and take the Golden Spurtle to the Granite City. I started eating porridge seven years ago. It is simple, versatile, healthy and very affordable.”

“I am traditional by nature and like the ritual of making porridge. It sets you up for the day.”

A winning bowl of porridge is testament to the cook’s spurtle, the essential porridge making tool, and Dr Khan explained that he was grateful to one of his patients, who crafted his spurtle for him. So fond is he of his daily oatmeal dish, Dr Khan takes his oatmeal with him when he goes on holiday. With a hectic schedule, Dr Khan makes porridge for his family at the weekend, with his wife Nino, owner of successful curry sauce business `Nino’s Masala` cooking the dish during the week.


Speciality Winners Chris Young & Christina Conte – Photo: Fergus Thom. Click for full resolution (free media use)

The Speciality dish, which has to contain oatmeal combined with other ingredients, was shared by two worthy winners,  the first time this has happened during the competition’s 21 years. Judges could not  decide between  Fife man Chris Young’s wild mushroom risotto dish and California based Christina Conte’s sticky toffee porridge, so awarded the prize to both.

Christina,  a Scottish Italian food blogger based in Los Angeles said: “It tasted good when I made it in America, but I knew it would be even better made with Scottish products”

Of his risotto dish, Chris, co-founder of the Handmade Oatcake Company explained: “Risotto is one of my favourite recipes and is so flexible. I just substituted the rice for pinhead oatmeal in the recipe.”

Every 21st birthday is special, and this year,  to celebrate the competition’s 21st anniversary, several of the past champions returned for a special ‘Porridge Masters’ event. This was won by Jean Dewar, winner of the Golden Spurtle in 2002 and 2003. Jean, formerly of  Aberfeldy Watermill, said she was very pleased to know that she had not lost her touch when it came to making the perfect bowl of porridge.

Alan Meikle, Managing Director of the main sponsor, Hamlyns of Scotland said “This has once again been a hotly contested competition, and it’s great to see such an interest from far and wide in one of Scotland’s most traditional dishes.

“Of course we’re absolutely delighted that Dr Izhar Khan used Hamlyn’s Oatmeal as the basis of his winning porridge.”

Event co-ordinator Margarete Paschke said “My congratulations go to winner Dr Khan. Every year is different, and I am delighted that the judges awarded the Speciality to two contestants – it really was a competition of differing tastes.”

Other competitors included reigning champ John Boa from Strathglass, a chef and owner of a porridge bar in Copenhagen; a grain miller and Sweden’s Nordic Porridge Making Champion and an astrophysics student with the formula for cooking porridge.

BBC World Service announcer Fiona MacDonald was Master of Ceremonies for the Day. The expert porridge judging panel was headed by Neil Mugg, Gleneagles Hotel Head Pastry Chef and Masterchef Colin Bussey who has 33 years experience in the food industry including working at The Savoy and Gleneagles. While Kenta Gallagher, Commonwealth Games mountain bike competitor and Pro Cyclist, was the guest judge.


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